Specialty Tanks

APR is one of America's foremost providers of complete plastic fabrication services. In addition to our standard product offering, we also design, fabricate and install custom products. 

APR specialty tanks are made with the same high-impact copolymer polypropylene material, and built to suit your specific needs. Check out some examples of our specialty work to the right.

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APR Plastic Fabricating specializes in custom-designed tanks, containers and other products.

We have teamed up with numerous companies to design and fabricate completely custom items. APR is one of the few companies in the United States that produces a complete range of top-quality, large and small tanks and containers. Our unique skills and strict adherence to DVS standards make us the perfect choice for any company considering custom plastic products. Our ability and creativity give us an edge over the competition - we've been in business over 25 years, and each year we discover new uses for the material and special equipment that we use. APR can turn your idea into a reality.

plastic specialty tanks, steel strip pickling tank and hoodSteel strip pickling tank and hood

plastic specialty tanks, removable heater protection wallRemovable heater protection wall

plastic specialty tanks, dog treadmill tankDog treadmill tank

plastic specialty tanks, flux tank filtering vesselFlux tank filtering vessel

plastic specialty tanks, custom fit rain water collection tankCustom fit rain water collection tank

plastic specialty tanks, mobile restroom tankMobile restroom tank

plastic specialty tanks, crystallization tank and cooling jacketCrystallization tank & cooling jacket

plastic specialty tanks, continuous feed wire pickling tankContinuous feed wire pickling tank

plastic specialty tanks, chilled water tankChilled water tank

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