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APR Plastic Fabricating has been an industry-leader in custom plastic fabrication since 1985. 


APR Chilled Water Tanks are custom-designed and manufactured using our long-lasting and corrosion-resistant Copolymer Polypropylene material. The high-quality materials used in our chiller tanks provide a durable tank solution, designed to meet even the most complex refrigeration challenges. At APR, your chilled water tanks are fabricated to meet your specific needs - any size, shape, capacity and accessories. Convenient on-site installation is available when needed, and industry standard or extended 5 and 10 year warranty plans are available depending on your needs.


Below are just a few of the many applications for APR chiller tank solutions:

  • Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration

  • Food Processing Plants

  • Ice Rinks

  • Refrigeration Tanks

  • Cold Storage Rooms & Warehouses

  • Packing Houses & Freezing Plants

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