Galvanizing Tanks

APR's galvanizing tanks are manufactured by plastic welding specialists to assure that every weld, whether butt fusion or extrusion, is created flawlessly by an expert.

We have developed special processes to assure the complete integrity of every weld so your galvanizing tank is built more efficiently. Check out examples of our work to the right, and call us today to see what we can do for you.

APR is a proud member of the American Galvanizers Association.

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APR Plastic Fabricating manufactures galvanizing tanks using our high-impact Copolymer Polypropylene material. 

Free-standing pickling tanks ensure a corrosion-free environment for the support structure that can withstand the rough use that usually accompanies the pre-galvanizing process.  APR galvanizing tanks are constructed using a proven process whereby we individually encapsulate each of the steel frames in plastic, and, for larger tanks, we apply internal corner reinforcements. We can fabricate pickling tanks to your exact specifications, and we offer on-site installation for your convenience.In addition to our excellent standard industrial warranty, we can also offer extended warranties of 5 years, 10 years and more on our galvanizing tanks. APR is a proud member of the American Galvanizers Association.

galvanizing tanks, tank being water testedTank being water tested

galvanizing tanks, extra large galvanizing tankExtra large galvanizing tank

galvanizing tanks, individual yoke encapsulationIndividual yoke encapsulation

galvanizing tanks, yoke tank with catwalk ledgeYoke tank with catwalk ledge

galvanizing tanks, all plastic vertical buttress tankAll plastic vertical buttress tank

galvanizing tanks, free standing yoke tankFree standing yoke tank

galvanizing tanks, pickling basketsPickling baskets

galvanizing tanks, catwalk ledge with kick plateCatwalk ledge with kick plate

      galvanizing tanks, member of the American Galvanizers Association      Proud member of the American Galvanizers Association

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