APR follows the DVS standard set forth by the German Welding Society, and we stand by our ability to offer you innovative solutions using the highest quality materials and processes.

DVS - German Welding Society

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As one of the nation’s leading plastics fabricating plants, APR’s daily mission continues to be to provide more than our customers expect in design, quality and level of service.

That’s why we exclusively use only the finest domestic and imported Coploymer Polypropylene material in all our products. Ten times stronger than conventional Polypropylene, our copolymers are virtually unbreakable and offer tremendous benefits in flexibility and overall durability.

Our plastics fabricating designers are experts at custom creating tanks and containers to our customers’ precise requirements. We are highly experienced in designing various types and sizes of all-copolymer or steel reinforced containers for any industry or application. APR products are the highest-quality available because our plastics fabricating designs are based on cutting edge technology, proven to be of the highest formal standards in the business.  We are one of the few U.S. companies who design and fabricate copolymer products in accordance with stringent DVS standards created by the German Welding Society. APR supports every product we produce with an unmatched commitment to service, backed by a standard industry warranty. 

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